Rondo is taking aim on the record books with his point guard play. He also has set his sights on being NBA MVP.

RAJON RONDO took a game off to rest his tweaked ankle while in the midst of a 32-game streak of consecutive games with double-digit assists. So what did the Boston Celtics supremely talented point guard do to make up for it? Simply extend his streak to 33 by dropping 20 dimes in a 107-89 beat down of the Raptors?

After the game, Jason Terry, who led the Celtics with 20 points (many of those coming off Rondo assists), immediately put Rondo?s name in the NBA MVP conversation, calling the cocky-yet-confident point guard the best point man in the league?

Upon being told about the kudos that Terry mentioned about him, Rondo?in that rather bland way he has?revealed that being named MVP would certainly be a goal of his?

?There?s been a couple [like Rondo]. Jason Kidd in his heyday, Magic [Johnson] all the time, [John] Stockton. But think about it: I?ve named four or five guys. The league has been around a long time. So it?s not a lot, and he?s one of them. He?s a rare bird. I mean, he really is.?????

?Celtics Head Coach Doc Rivers

There?s plenty of basketball to be played so I would think it?s a little too early to talk MVP, but Rondo is without a doubt the MVP of the Celtics. You saw the impact of his absence in the Celtics loss to the Nets last Thursday in Brooklyn. Boston was completely out of sorts without their point guard.

But this consecutive double-digits assists streak Rondo is currently on is simply amazing. Dude is in rarefied air with this feat. That?s Magic, Cousy and Stockton-type stuff.

Doc Rivers is dead on about Rondo.

Source: http://vlsportysexycool.com/2012/11/18/rajon-rondo-drops-20-dimes-on-raptors-talks-nba-mvp/

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